Perhaps she didn’t really take her bath in asses’ milk. Maybe she didn’t dissolve a pearl in her wine cup to impress Julius Caesar with the abundant richness of her country. And she did not meet him by emerging from a rolled-up rug at his feet. (It was actually a hemp bag, carried by a servant, in a daring ruse to bypass palace guards who were out to kill her.) The real persona was much more fascinating than the legend.

Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, waged a brutal civil war, assassinated two siblings to keep her throne secure, and had sex [...] Continue reading...

Who recognizes the man in this drawing? He was the ultimate showman, known all over the country, featured on dozens of album covers, and followed religiously by his own set of devoted groupies. He trained a host of dancers, including my first teacher, Adonna, and settled for only their best.

Although some of the album covers were hopelessly corny by today’s standards, his presentation and showmanship were timeless and right [...] Continue reading...

It’s a scary idea, improvising. Sounds like you’ve got to make something up on the spot, with a whole bunch of people watching. And worse - with a live band!

Aurel at Ancient Art Studios had a different idea, and taught a workshop about it. Continue reading...



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