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Dance of the Light

20.5 x 14.5" | Pastel

Limited edition print, 800 copies, signed, numbered and remarqued (a remarque is a small drawing on the lower right corner of the margin.) Printed on archival paper by Nimrod Press of Boston.

This picture went through many incarnations before I captured the final image. I wanted to make a painting, full of color, which shared the feeling of being in a spin. The initial picture I made did not express what I wanted, so I threw it away, but the feeling was still with me, so I did another, the same dance, the same spin, but this time, something different began to happen. As the picture developed, the golden color in front of the dancer became bigger and the veil I had drawn there melted into light. This was not what I had planned, but it felt right, so I left it alone. Sometimes as pictures develop, they tell you what they want to do, how they want to reveal themselves, and the painter has to listen as well as paint. And that is what I did.

After I had completed the painting, I had prints made because, although it had found a buyer, I couldn’t let it go. A print was a way for me to keep it. Since then, “Dance of the Light” has found its way into many venues around the world. The painting was on the cover of EarthStar Magazine, where many people in the alternative healing community found that it spoke to them. Acupuncturists, Reiki practitioners, meditators, energy workers, have this picture in their working spaces. The picture has come to hospice, hospitals, a nuns’ community in the Midwest who holds retreats for women who are burned out and have come there for renewal.

I am amazed and grateful that the image used me to manifest itself and reach so many people I will only know through the stories they tell me. But I look at it myself and still can feel the spin.


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