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Dance of the White Veil

20" x 14" | Printed on archival paper

This image is printed on archival, German etching paper. It is digitally reproduced by Ditto Editions, Fine Art Reproduction Services, of Concord, NH, printed under optimal conditions with the best of materials and equipment. It is a fine art print.

The original painting was created on Canson Mi-Tientes paper with Rembrandt and Winsor Newton pastels.

I once watched a dark-eyed dancer decked in pink and gold, with curved arms and dainty feet, swaying inside a diaphanous white veil wrapped around her. As she danced, the veil swirled and opened, framing her delicate beauty. The sight reminded me of an old Scandinavian tale.

Ibsen’s Peer Gynt, the classic wanderer, among his lengthy travels found himself in a vast desert far from home. There, in a tent, he was bedazzled by a graceful dancer, strong and quick, who enchanted him with her exotic movements to strange and compelling music. Edvard Grieg in his “Peer Gynt Suite” composed his version of her song, which he called “Anitra’s Dance.”

I knew I had to make a picture of it.


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