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Dance of the Tents

23 x 17" | Charcoal on Strathmore paper

The original drawing was created on Strathore paper with vine charcoal.
It has been a very popular picture, combined as a pair with the drawing entitled “Sultana,” or displayed on its own.

A dancer’s floorwork has an introspective quality. I wanted to express a sweetness and intimacy with this image. She dances in an enclosed space, her skirts pooling around her as she turns, moving slowly to a rhumba or ciftitelli rhythm, creating a story of her own, emphasizing both the strength and delicacy of her arms, hands and finger cymbals.

The process by which the picture was printed is no longer used, and the original art is not available. When these pictures are gone, there will be no more. If you have seen this image in the past and thought about owning it, now is the time.

The picture frames well in gold, bronze, or wood tones with a toned or double mat. It creates a strong statement alone or looks good as a pair with its companion image, “Sultana.”


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