Quickies: The Freddy Elias Ensemble

Oct 7th 2011

Here are some quick sketches I did of the Freddy Elias Ensemble while they were playing at Melina's Moody Street Circus family reunion concert. Melina Melinda Pavlata, her mom, the internationally famous Rhea of Athens, and Melina's sister Piper, all danced to the live music of Freddie, Mike Gregian and the Kokoras brothers, Nicky and George, and tunes from their latest album, "Elegant Music for Bellydance." Then, we couldn't help it, we all got up and danced, too. If I keep working on these drawings, maybe I'll eventually get a bigger picture, which I would really like to do. It takes a million sketches to get something that doesn't look like it took a million sketches.

Above: Freddy and Mikey Gregian mixin' it up

Above: Does this look like Freddy when he's really into his music?

Above: Here's George Kokoras at the keyboard, looking good after one of his workouts.