Every Woman is Beautiful, Part Two - Kanina's Recital

Jun 14th 2011

What I remember most vividly is the enthusiasm, vitality and joyful expression of the troupe dancers.

Kanina Hague of Rhode Island held a recital for her students, and in her usual fashion, did it with taste and style and sensitivity. The live music was legendary, the venue gorgeous. Continue reading...

"We Danced and We Danced and We Danced Some More"

Jun 1st 2011

We hook our pinkies or hold palms, depending on the dance. Facing each other as the lines curve away, we nod and smile to old friends who move by, or just groove on the music and the sway of the group. We become one with it, feeling the same feelings that generations before us, in places far away, have been feeling, probably since time was invented.

Our feet follow patterns of steps that others mapped out eons ago. They made up the dances then, for flirting, checking out a marriage prospect, or just keeping warm. They made up dances for young men to develop their agility and strengthen their legs for battle. There were warrior dances, love dances, hooray-for-just-being-alive dances. Continue reading...

"Oh Look, She's Got a Sword!"

May 21st 2011

Sabine, “Queen of the Double Sword,” recently flew in from the west coast with her brand of panache and expertise, to give a two-day workshop at Melina’s Moody Street Circus in Waltham, MA. I arrived too, with my books and pens. My job was to intensely observe, and to make as many quick sketches as I could squeeze in, before we all melted down from the mental and physical challenge of working with a sword.

Above: Sabine teaching sword at Melina's Moody Street Circus Studio. Continue reading...

Portable Obsessions

Apr 7th 2011

Some people can’t help buying shoes. Others can’t stop at just one cheese doodle.I buy sketchbooks.

I have every kind, stacks of them, in all stages of completion, from temptingly empty to filled with work. I acquired three fashionably thin sketchbooks in a Paris art shop, perfect size for an evening bag but too charming to use. I have two thick, tiny books adorned with pale green tassels that I got in a Venice writing store. I love the feel of the smooth, creamy paper. Continue reading...

Egyptian Message

Mar 18th 2011

As I watched Egypt in the news, swirling on its surface with raucous political expression, it brought back memories of my visit to a silent underground room where nothing swirled but my thoughts.

I came as a tourist, an outsider, examining the same antiquities that have thrilled visitors from Napoleon on; the Pyramids, the Sphinx, mummies, carvings, brilliantly colored art. Continue reading...

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